The philosophy of the Name “Coco Summerfest” comes from “Coconut” which is identical to the Beach. Coconut is also known for its benefit from the roots to the fruit. The usefulnss of Coconut inspires Coco Summerfest to create holistic entertainment event that combines sport, fun games, relaxing vibes and fantastic music concert on the beach.

Coco Summerfest not only presents unique entertainment but also contribute to the environment and community through its charity program. Coco Summerfest will be held annually in various beaches in Indonesia.

Coco Summerfest is the first Modern Beach Summer Festival in Indonesia which combines sport and music festival. Coco Summerfest offers one stop entertainment at the beach with multi sports exercise, fun games, bazaar and fantastic music show.

This year’s theme of Coco Summerfest, “Rio De Jakarta”, is inspired by one of the world’s most captivating cities, Rio De Janeiro, which is known for its Carnival, Sports, and Music Festival. Coco Summerfest will bring the “Rio Vibes” to Ancol Beach City with Favela Beach Club, Copa Cabana Playground, Carnaval Arena and Ipanema Market. Coco Summerfest is the wonderland for sport, music and outdoor activity enthusiasts!

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